About me

I’m a geek who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina  As a geek I have many areas of interest. I guess I’ll write About them. I’m not very sure why I’m doing this, but, do I need a reason?

What I think defines me is the fact that I can hardly understand why most people are not curious with the universe. Many times I waste my time trying to explain the (amazing) evolution of the eye, or how we know how far are stars and galaxies, or what is quantum entanglement, or why some things are transparent and other not. How successfully was the scientific method. Or the importance January 7, of 1610 . I expect some sign of interest, but nothing, when I’m amazed to the bones, others are bored. That makes me feel deeply alone. And I’m not proud if it.

Yes, my mother language is Spanish but I’m writing in (my awful) English. Improve it is in my wish list. And, this is why I’m writing in English. Sorry.

Román romansapia@gmail.com

1 Response to About me

  1. Gigi says:

    surpriza ! Am gasit un roman cu hoby similar , si m-am bucurat efectiv ! Am desfacut o camera 808, an cupalt firele si acum cautam pe net sa vad ce au facut altii. asa am ajuns si pe acest site .
    Aici am pus unele din lucrarile facute http://bnrobo.blogspot.ro/n; nu sint specialist in domeniu ; sint doar amator , si lucrez cu Arduino Uno fiind mai accesibil oentru mine . suces si numai bine , din Romania .

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