Home Automation Disclaimer

In a series of posts I will share my learning in home automation.
I did mostly guided by the standard “quick and dirty” (Well, at the end wasn’t so quick). Mostly because I have little time,  I’m very anxious and a little lazy. And let’s be honest, if you want to automate your garage door, you can take the time to do it nicely. But if you want to go for the entire house, meticulousness is a luxury. So yes, some thing aren’t nice; but in my defense I can say: they work.

Also, I know many things could be done with open source systems like openHAB but I need it to do it from scratch. I enjoy that, my mind just works when I can control everything… I don’t know, but is as it is. So yes I like to re invent the wheel, I like that feeling. I’m not chasing productivity. And not, there this no contradiction here: I’m lazy to do PCB, not to think how to solve a problem or to code.

I will share this because I enjoy it (to share), and also to receive constructive (please, constructive) feedback. The posts won’t be in any specific order, I will try to cover everything, but will be as it comes out. Sorry.

It will be one specific post on general architecture of the system, but to give a general idea: The brain of the system it’s a Raspberry running Python scripts and many ESP8266 around the house running LUA scripts. And everything communicating by MQTT.

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