How to keep fresh basil, parsley and others vegetables

I use to grow some plants (wink, wink), sometimes from seeds, sometimes cloning. To make a clone basically you cut a branch, put in water and wait until it grow roots. Because during the process the plant doesn’t have roots you have to minimize the water loss. There are a lots of ways, but all of them uses the same principle: put the leaves in high humidity environment; you know, if there is a 100% relative humidity the water won’t evaporate, so the plant won’t lose it. For example I use two half bottoms of coke bottles to make a sealed container.


But well, I used to do it, so when I buy basil or parsley, I put it in water, and I covert it with a plastic bag, I do it automatically. But I didn’t realize that most people doesn’t know that.


Hacking a plant this way you will have a fresh and crunchy leaves for many days, even eventually they will grow roots and won’t needed the bag anymore.

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