High Altitude Balloon – First test

Great night!… I just finished the first integration test of my High Altitude Balloon project, and worked perfect!

This afternoon a put all pieces together (well… if we can say that), and test almost everything but get a GPS lock.


Because I live in an apartment in the middle of Buenos Aires it’s nearly impossible to get a lock from here. So I went to the roof and I left “the thing” (I have to think in a name) with a Gel Battery, and come back to my apartment.  Wasn’t easy, I left alone a lot of work, and imagine that thing with a Gel Battery, and three or four leds blinking… in the state of social paranoia we are living, just one led blinking is enough: a bomb about to explode.

But well, once in my apartment I stared the screen for 10 minutes until I get 4 satellites and a lock!

First Lock<- My custom telemetry soft ;)

In the next post I’ll will write about the technical details of… the thing. Now I’ll celebrate.

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One Response to High Altitude Balloon – First test

  1. human says:

    Que buena onda!

    Saludos de alemania

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